Monday, May 21, 2007

Acting shot!

This was a busy week for me. My first pass of blocking for my acting shot! I was really nervous going into this project. I mean, we're into acting! It's so exciting and scary new all at once.
THe blocking came out better than I thought it would .I was nervous picking this line because it's more subtle than the pantomime and body mechanics shots we have done before. I was wondering what I would be animating. THere's no broad actions, and our face rig is limited to eye movements right now.WHile working on it , though, I realized there was ALOT of stuff going on. It didn't hit me in the face, but it's there. This took a long time to do, but I'm happy with the start I have on it. I took friday off off work to have more time to put into it. I was away aalll day Saturday taking my sister too NY city for her bacherlorette party. It raind the wwhole day, but it was fun. We saw a new show on broadway called the Pirate Queen. It was awesome and I totally recommend seeing it. The lead actresses were great!
Anyway, I'm really glad I took friday off to work on it because there's no way I would've finished with my saturday gone. I am going to change the setting to something less... bathroomish =) I believe the toilet's too distracting.
Animation Mentor has a tutoring program taught by fellow AM grads, and I went to this weeks and last week's session with Mike Stern. If you don't know who Mike is, check out his work at His stuff is top notch. He kept a blog throughout AM and was a big inspiration to me to join. It's really cool that he's a tutor for us now, and it's really helpful to hear his comments on your work. He's a really cool guy to give his time to us like that.
Gotta go to bed!
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