Sunday, September 2, 2007

I might just survive class 4... maybe

Ever wonder why so many AM blogs go silent during class 4? I don't anymore. We are all deep into our two person dialog right now, and it is a killer of an assignment. This is the first time I am worried about finishing a project.
My biggest enemy is time. Before for AM, I always worked every night and weekend on my assignment. Sometimes it was tight, but I always had enough time. For this assignment, I've got to squeeze in time that doesn't exist. I've been using my vacation days from work to get extra time on it. I've also tried staying up even later to squeeze an extra hour or two in. THat plan kind of backfired when I almost passed out at work. I found out the hard way in class 1 that I, in fact, do need to sleep. I know I can do this assignment, but it's frustrating not to have the time i want on it. At my lowest point this week (when i discovered I somehow broke a rig) I was even considering quitting my job, which I like ( and kind of need=) just to get the time I want on the project. Probably not a good idea. I've tried asking for time off with no pay, but that's a no go. =(
Anyway, here is my project as it stands with two weeks to go. Two shots are still in blocking, and most of the facial stuff that is in there is in blocking mode. Lots of work to do! I'm just going to do the best I can because in the end, that's all you can do =).
THe rest of the class (besides the stress of the deadline) has been great. THe lectures this class are awesome, and Nick ( my mentor) has given some cool classes. He also hangs out after class to look at our work if we have some changes up. I try my best to get something to show by Tuesday.
Hopefully in 2 weeks I'll have a finished project to show. If I survive that long... :)

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