Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well we are almost half way through with class 6 already! THe time has been flying by and I am really enjoying working on my short film. My class 6 mentor is Greg Whittaker. He currently works at Dreamworks, and has also worked with Chuck Jones in the past! I find his critiques very helpful and to the point. THroughout AM I have been blessed with awesome mentors. Each mentor is different, having their own style and background and it's so nice to have the experience of learning from them.
My short film I feel is going well. I am really enjoying being able to work on it full time. I am generally finding things easier as I go along, and I am enjoying being able to sleep at night =). I find myself excited to work on my film. It's a long project, but it's so fun! I'm getting to try out a little bit more of an exagerated style too. Not completely cartoony crazy, but fun stuff!
Even though I have more time to work on my animation now I still have to stop myself from overworking. I typically use a stylus pen on the computer, but 2 weeks ago I lost it for a bit and used a mouse for a week. Yikes! My hand isn't used to that! By the end of the week it was cramped and red and my index and pinky finger blew up like sausages. I didn't notice it until sunday. It still hadn't gone down a couple days later, so I went to the doctor. It is now back to normal, but man it's scary when stuff happens to your hand.
Someone poste this in the school forum today. CHeck it out! It's a short THX spot, but the animation is really fun.

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