Sunday, June 10, 2007


Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything hits you in the face at once? THis month has been like that so far. Both good and bad things, but all crazy.
I just learned last week that I have to be out of my apartment by July 1st!! ahh!!! Two of our roomates are moving out ( one graduated, and one is starting school again) and our new roomie backed out on us. Long story short, me and my remaining roommie couldn't find anyone with such short notice, and we had to give our landlord an answer last week as to what we were doing. Sooo, we are moving out, and sadly going our own ways.
Finding an apartment while working full time and taking classes at night is not a pleasant task (although it is interesting seeing who you'll meet on Craigslist!). On top of that my weekends this month have been filled with graduation and retirement parties that I've been making cameo appearances at. Also, my sister is getting married in a week and there's still plenty of work to do on that.
Anyway, I haven't been sleeping much to get the extra time to work on my shot. I'm really into it and I don't want it to suffer because of all this crazy going on. I am wrestling with the details of it. THe hands and matching the elbows up to the legs are quite a challenge, but I'm enjoying it!! It's really exciting to see her come to life. I am taking some days of next week to help with the wedding and work on my shot. Some day I'll actually use my vacation days for a vacation.
On a good note, a very cool thing happened to me last week.I got a note from Keith Sintay telling me that he liked my work. That made my week! He has worked on Mulan and Tarzan, and I believe Surf's Up (which is a cool movie, by the way!). That meant alot to me coming from him and was really nice of him.
Gotta go! I am really tired and need to stock up on some sleep!

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