Friday, June 22, 2007

Half way there!

Class 3 just ended this week, and I am officially half way done with AM. THat's crazy to think about. It's been going by soo fast.
Here is my progress reel for the first three classes. THe dialog shot will be finished in class 4, where we'll be given a full facial rig to really be able to give our characters expression.
But for now, we have a week off before class 4. As much as I love AM, my brain could use the time to recharge. I have to move this week, too =(. It's only 3 miles, but it's a pain. I will, however , have my own office for the very first time! It will be nice not to have to have all my computer stuff crammed in my bedroom. I will actually have an entire 3rd floor to myself! woohoo!
Ratatouille comes out next friday! Everytime I see the commercials on tv, I get really excited. SO much so that my roommates make fun of me. Unfortunately, that's the day I'm moving, but I will be there! I can't wait!!!!
On a sad note, my mentor Michal Macarewicz is not going to tech with AM any longer. I feel incredibly lucky to have had him as my mentor. I learned sooo much from him, and he really took the time to give thorough critiques. I mean thorough! THey were often 20-30 minutes long! I'll always be thankful for that!
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