Saturday, July 14, 2007

Class 4!!!!!!

Class 4 started last week. My new mentor is Nick Bruno from Blue Sky!! He is my second mentor from there =)
I can already tell he's a cool mentor! He is straightforward and gives good detailed critiques. He does his critiques an interesting way. He looks at the work for the 1st time during the critique, so you can see his reaction to your work. It's kind of neat, and nerve wracking all at once =). I had a good first critique, which is nice! We are continuing our asignments from class 3, though now we have a full facial rig.
THe face is fun, though it is weird to be in brand new territory again. Just when you're getting used to animating the body, the face is added!
I saw Ratatouille a cople weeks ago, and I loved it! What a beautiful movie. I emailed my class 3 mentor who worked on the film, and he was nice enough to give me a list of shots that he worked on. Michal did alot with the character Ego, which is awesome! THe audience really responded to him. I am going to see the movie again tomorrow. It'll be cool seeing it again knowing waht shots he worked on.
Other than that, I moved to my new apartment during the week break from AM. I didn't expect to be moving, but the landlord wanted to move in our apartment. I have two new roommates, and an office! I love having office space! I'm no longer crammed in my bedroom with my computer. I bought a new desk and chair too =)
Comments on my assignment, or anything, is always welcome! We have 1 more week to work on the face for this shot!

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