Saturday, April 21, 2007

Class3 2 beat splining

Woohoo! I got my best critique ever last week on my blocking. It was really good to get, but also scary in a way. I don't want to mess this shot up!
Since last week I figured out how to make Stewie (the model) look more like a kid. I feel kind of stupid that I didn't figure it out before. It's a pretty simple stretch control. At my mentor's suggestion, I also gave him a hat and changed the hand gesture right before he grabs a cookie to hopefully something a little less cliche.
Splining. Arghh. Splining is always a trying time for me. Everything can look real neat and tidy in the blocked stage, but turning it from blocked to spline can be a wrestling match. THe computer tends to make everything look floaty unless you really take control over it. I'm getting better, but man it's tough.
Here's my shot so far. I've still got two weeks to work on it, so I hope to have a nice polished piece by that time.
Gotta get some sleep! I'm hosting a bridal shower for my sister tomorrow and I don't want to look like a zombie =)

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?