Saturday, April 7, 2007

Class 3!!!!!

Class 3!! Intro to acting!!
THis is the class I've been most looking forward to. I am kind of nervous about it, but more excited.
We had our first Q&A with our new mentor this week. My new mentor is Michal Makarewicz! I am very thrilled to have him for a mentor. He is a Pixar animator, and seems like a truly nice guy. He really wants to help us, and is very open to answering questions. I know it's gonna be a good class!

This week's assignment is to plan out an animation that shows a character going through to distinct beats. For example, go from happy to sad, relaxed to frustrated, etc. It was harder than I thought coming up with a scenarrio for this. THe character has no facial features except for two black dots as eyes, so you have to get the expressions across through body language. Also, the animation can be no longer than 10 seconds.
I decided to go with a guy raiding a cookie jar, then getting his hand whapped by a wooden spoon as he's reaches in. He recoils in pain, thinks a bit, then swoops in fast to steal a cookie.
Here are my sketches. I will post the blocking next week.

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